Mango, Mango!

Mango, Mango! has some gorgeous skins waiting for you at the recently opened Black and Blue Fair:

The packs you’ll find are:

Dollie Blue (pale tone only)

Vamp Blue (vamp tone only)

Fresh (pale tone only)

Wicked Game (tan tone only)

Wild Rose (in pale, tan and dark tones)

Each package comes with a freckled option for each tone as well and only costs 50L!

Elven Ears are from Mynerva. They come in different options and the clockwork and other piercings just look highly detailed and awesome. Cost only 120L! :D

Hair in the first and second picture is Estris II, from Calico Ingmann Creations. Looks awesome for fantasy avatars and comes in a whole range of colors with tipped option. The normal pack is 200L and the fatpack containing ALL colors 1000L.

Hairs in the other pictures is I LOVE OLIVE‘s latest release named ISA HAIR. It comes in 6 color packages (BLONDE, BROWN,BLACK,RED,WHITE and CANDY). There are also improved new shades of platinum color, brown color and blonde color. Each pack is 190L and fatpack is 590L.


Skins: Various by Mango, Mango! at B&B Fair (50L)

Eyes: Naturals. [blue]small by KnockKnock (25L)

Hair1: Estris II by Calico Ingmann Creations (not free)

Hair2: ISA HAIR by I LOVE OLIVE (not free)

Ears: Elven Chrono-plugs Rustic Gold by Mynerva (not free)

Shape: mine

External issues

Hello people.

Due to external issues, I’m not going to be able to post as much as I’d like (or even post at all) in the following days.

I’m terribly sorry for you, the ones that follow my blog and for the creators that sent me review items :(

Don’t think I forgot about you all. I’ll review it all as soon as I can ^_^

I’ll be posting some skins today, but excuse me if the quality of the posts is not as high as usual. It’s the most I can do in the actual situation.

Thank you so much for your understanding <3


*Razzanova* has a new subscribo gift:

Razzanova Group: Brigitte Skin – Xpose. Exclusive Razzanova Group Gift!  Come and get it!

(Click to enlarge)

*Pictures taken at *Sari’s*. Awww, I love that cat! =^_^=*

Go to *Razzanova* and join the subscribo, you’ll find this present at option #1 and previous subscribo gifts in the other options.


Skin: Brigitte Skin – Xpose by *Razzanova* (subscribo gift)

Hair: Y-36″Shooting star hunt” 2color by ZEUS (Shooting Star Hunt prize)

Eyes: Aurora Eyes – Freebie by Poetic Colors (old freebie – no longer available)

Clothes: Gift Honor Bright Set by *Sari’s* (freebie)

Poses: SLCposegiftThedeck by Body Language (old freebie – no longer available)

Shape: mine (new one, yay!)


7, yes 7 new LBs at *MY UGLYDOROTHY*!!!

(Click to enlarge)

Let’s have a closer look at the one I have not posted before:

*WARNING! Mature content ahead*

(Click to enlarge)

Very cute, isn’t it? ^_^

Join *MY UGLYDOROTHY* group and get them all!!! :D

Lucky Board changes every 15 minutes.


Oh, btw, to get those cute tops I’m wearing you must catch stars. Yes you heard well: they are from *izm, a fantastic shop participating in the Shooting Star Hunt.

To get the prizes, you must go to the store and when you see some shiny orbs coming to meet you, just type /7 catch in local chat. If you did it well, you’ll receive a folder with your prize. But be careful! There are 6 tops, which means you must repeat the process until you got them all.

For more information and images about this hunt visit the official site: so what?

Easy and funny at the same time ^_^

Hunt Starting Point: .:Scars:.


Note: Thank you so much Sopha for allowing me to review your LB skins ^_^

I’d like to thank Komachi Lemon too for sending me such cute clothes. 有難うございます。


*MY UGLYDOROTHY* Group: secondlife:///app/group/2c403e08-73a1-9cbb-7d14-01551baa7c17/about

++AY.LinE++ Group: secondlife:///app/group/7debf053-2de7-3043-3e29-80f4f1eed80f/about


Skins: Blacktears, Blacktears2, Tears, Drunk1, Drunk2, Miao and WHITE!? by *MY UGLYDOROTHY* (LB)

Hair: Group Gift[[June-2010]] by ++AY.LinE++ (group gift – in store)

Eyes: Aurora Eyes – Freebie by Poetic Colors (old freebie – no longer available)

Tops: HARAGAKE by *izm (Shooting Star Hunt prize)

Shape: mine

Ugly Duck

Fade Lei from Ugly Duck did it again!

*WARNING! Mature content ahead*

(Click to enlarge)

This awesome skin I’m wearing is only one of the 5 makeups for the new line of skins that are waiting for you at Ugly Duck: Blood Sweat + Tears.

Let’s have a look at all of them in two different tones of skins and lips.

Lily, with natural lips:

Laura, with red lips:

All makeups look simply amazing, very accurate. I’m loving the “duck lipsFade is adding to all of her skins. They look pouty and perfect. I’m sure you put a lot of time and patience painting them, isn’t it, Fade? :)

The whole body looks realistic and pretty. No big inflatable boobies here. The breasts, which I love, are small and prettily painted, as well as the detailed pubic area, which comes with or without hair option:

Each pack costs 1000L, which is a steal knowing the quality and that they include all the makeup version (5 different faces).

Thanks Fade for such fantastic skins. You always have me waiting for more! ^_^


Note: Thank you very much, Fade, for being soooo patient! I’m so sorry girl, it took so long :S


Skins: Lily & Laura – Blood Sweat + Tears (Natural or Red)by Ugly Duck (not free)

Eyes: Blue Autumn Eyes – Freebie by Poetic Colors (old freebie)

Hair: Betty Boop – Black by Curio (not free)

Top: Diamond Dress Petroleum by The Hunger Design (free – XstreetSL Promo)

Socks: Argyle Sock M. Suspender – Hortense by Pig (subscribo gift – not available for redelivery)

Shape: mine

Diamond Dress Petroleum

:::Dimbula Rose:::

The Shooting Star Hunt starts today and :::Dimbula Rose::: has a very special present for you all:

(Click to enlarge)

This cute skin also comes with a highly detailed pair of cat eyes and eyelashes that add tiny tattoos on the cheeks.

I must warn you that breasts and pubic area are covered in a colorful fur, and the whole body is full of star-shaped tattoos and other cutesy things.

Lips are certainly my favourite part. They look amazing and must have been quite difficult to draw. Simply stunning, congratulations Dorothy! =^w^=


Shooting Star Hunt is a bit atypical. You won’t be looking for a hidden object, but for some glittery orbs.

Go near the lights and when the orbs come to you, just type /7 catch in local chat. If you’re lucky, you’ll receive a folder with the shop hunt prize and the LM to the next one.

Be careful, some shops, as :::Dimbula Rose:::, have more than one prize (2, in fact) and they can be gotten at random!

Keep repeating the process above described until you get all the prizes from a store.

For more information and images about this hunt visit the official site: so what?

Hunt Starting Point: .:Scars:.


Notice: I’d like to thank Dorothy Darkfold for always giving us such wonderful free skins!


I’d also like to thank Mikaela, for being so incredibly nice to me and giving me such a wonderful photo studio! Mika, you’re great! :D


Skin, Eyes & Eyelashes: STAR*CAT_SSH by :::Dimbula Rose:::

Hair: CriCrixBrillante-AF Cat Hair by CriCri (old freebie – no longer available)

~Candy Mountain~

Eyesore… yes, eyesore is the name of the new line of skins at the just reopened Candy Mountain store. Let’s take a look at some of them:

(Click to enlarge)

Not quite the eyesore in my opinion, I find them cute and so creative ^_^

*WARNING! Mature content ahead*

(Click to enlarge)

Every makeup comes in male and female version (included inside the same box) and three mini bikinis in blue, pink and lime.

Each pack is 500L and the fatpack (elephant pack, lol Mynx) is 5000L and cointains all 14 makeups.

A must have for all of you searching for quality hand painted skins with a unique look ;)


Note: Thanks Mynx Legend for sending me this extra cool pack of skins and reopening her awesome store. Go on, girl! ^_^


Skins: eyesore by Candy Mountain (not free)

Hairs & eyes: old group gifts by Candy Mountain (no longer available)

Shape: mine